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Affordable Marble countertop Installation Services in Henderson NV
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Marble Countertop Installation Services in Henderson NV

Montano’s Granite is a local firm that has been providing their affordable marble countertop installation services in Henderson NV, for the last 25 years and will continue to do so as long as our customers need professional assistance in installing natural stones in their homes. Our professional natural stone installers are proficient in transforming a plain slab of natural stone into a beautiful piece of functional art. 

We can take care of all your installation needs with the help of our knowledge in sanding, cutting, polishing, sealing, and mounting countertops in their places. Hire our best custom marble countertop fitting solutions  in Henderson, NV, and get your countertops installed accurately and quickly.

Our Mission

We will continue to excel in straightforward and honest communication with our customers while delivering them our affordable marble countertop installation services in Henderson, NV.

Our Vision

We want to become the most trusted industry resource for the best marble surface design services in Henderson, NV.

Custom Marble Countertop Setup in Henderson, NV

Montano’s Granite offers top-quality marble countertop installation services in Henderson, NV, that combine aesthetic elegance with exceptional functionality effortlessly. We are a premier choice for those seeking enhanced home aesthetics via skillful marble surface tailoring countertop installations. Our motivated team comprises well-versed artisans and technicians with immense experience handling intricate marble designs, ensuring that all aspects, from measurements and installations to finishing and inspection, are fully covered. We acknowledge the charm of marble countertops, enhancing the visual appeal of spaces and serving as durable surfaces for various activities. Whether it’s a kitchen adorned with the timeless allure of marble or a bathroom exuding luxury, Montano’s Granite, as a reliable provider of flawless marble countertop mounting services in Henderson, NV, efficiently meets your diverse needs. We prioritize using the finest quality marble and employing cutting-edge installation techniques to ensure that each countertop is a testament to beauty and longevity. 

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If you are looking for a high-end material to install in your kitchen, then Granite will be a fantastic choice. Our professionals will help you install granite countertops and increase the value of your home.
A quartzite is a great option for kitchen countertops, especially if you are planning to build a kitchen in the exteriors of your home. Hire our professionals and enjoy the benefits of installing UV-resistant stone.
We have a team of professional natural stone installers that are proficient in installing all types of stones, including quart. We will install natural stones according to the regulations given by the manufacturer.
If you are looking for affordable marble countertop installation services in Henderson, NV, then look no further than Montano’s Granite and hire us to produce a flat and shiny surface in your kitchen.
Do you often feel congested inside your bathroom? Our professionals will ensure to add space to your bathroom by carrying out well-planned bathroom remodeling.
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There are many grades of natural stone available in the market that might appear similar, but they are different in terms of color, structure, and quality. We suggest you choose any of them according to your budget and color preferences.
No, we have a team of professional stone installers working at our company. Montano’s Granite will deliver everything from consultation and guidance to installation and design with the help of these professionals.
Our experts are not just technicians but are proficient artists in restoring the looks of cracked stone surfaces. They can skillfully carry out all types of stone repair work.
Although all-natural stones require annual maintenance that includes applying the sealant on the crevices between the stone yet, they are easy to maintain.
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Although natural stones are the most durable material for countertops and floors, if they are not handled with care, they can suffer from damage and cost you extra bucks.


Our professional natural stone installers are trained and have years of experience in cutting, sanding, sealing, and installing natural stones in a perfect and timely manner.
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